Culture Clothing Retail Service

As a printing business, we at Industry Ink pride ourselves on our strong working relationships with our clients. One client that we've been working with for a few ears now is clothing Culture, a South Wales-based company that sells streetwear and luxury garments.

Our partnership with clothing culture began when they started selling their products in-store and needed a reliable printing partner for specific lines of streetwear T-shirts and hoodies. They approached us with their ideas, and we were able to provide our DTG printing services to help bring the designs from concept to reality.

Our quick turnaround time meant that the guys at clothing culture were able to place orders based on what designs were popular and selling fast in store. This enabled them to reduce initial stock spend while also reducing dead-stock.

Over time, as Clothing Culture's popularity grew, so did their demand for printed garments. This led them to start placing larger orders with us, and of course we were able to accommodate their needs with quick turnaround times and consistent quality. More recently, they've started to sell on a wholesale level and asked us it this was something we would be able to help with. We're able to
print and ship directly to the customers making the process even more simple for them.

The great thing about working with Clothing Culture is that they have a keen eye for design and are always pushing the boundaries with their creative concepts which in turn allows us to push our printing boundaries to create luxury garments that both Clothing Culture and their customers love.

If you're looking for printing for retail, we would be happy to help. Contact us today to learn more about our printing capabilities and how we can help take your ideas to the next level.